NSW Boat Licence

NSW General Boat Licence

NSW Boat Licence

Get your NSW boat licence with us in Wagga & Griffith! NSW Boat Licence Courses are designed for everyone aged 12 & up. We make it simple for you so you can get licensed hassle-free without the need to waste your entire day.

How We Make It Easy

Simply come along to one of our evening sessions during the week, or at any time during the weekend & we’ll help you get your NSW boat licence course qualification in just a few hours. You can get your licence same day too!

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Some FAQs about the NSW boat licence…

  • How Do I Get It?

    It’s quite simple when you do our course. Call us, have a chat & book a time, date & location that suits you. Then, on successful completion of our course, you’ll get a course certificate which must be taken, with a logbook, to ServiceNSW whereupon a licence can be issued same day. You’re already qualified so no further testing will be required!

  • Where Can I Use It?

    The licence is valid for use across NSW & ACT waterways. You should check with other states’ relevant authorities prior to travelling to confirm if you can use it legally in that state.

  • Do I Need It?

    A NSW general boat licence will allow you to legally operate a vessel over 10 knots (18.5 km/h) throughout NSW & ACT waterways. This NSW general boat licence allows you to drive any boat, regardless of length, so long as it’s not for business.

    You must carry a NSW boat licence when doing anything for which the licence is required, and produce it for inspection when requested by a relevant authority (NSW Police, RMS etc.). When we make it easy for you to get qualified, why would you risk it?

  • Can I Use It For Business?

    No. It is a recreational licence thus cannot be used for commercial purposes. If you’re using it for work, you need a commercial qualification. We do these. Call us for details.

  • When Can I Do It?

    We conduct licence courses every day across the Riverina. Simply give us a call and we’ll more than likely be able to get it done this week.

  • Completing The Practical Requirement

    Students require practical experience to obtain a NSW boat licence. This is done via the NSW boating practical logbook.

    You need to complete a practical boating logbook with a licenced person who has had their licence for 3 or more years. This is done free of charge in your own time and can be backdated up to 12 months if you have previous boating experience during that time which can be verified.

    You can download a copy off our website, visit Service NSW or pick one up at the course. There are no fees in relation to the logbook.

  • Who Conducts The Training?

    All training is provided by Boating Licence Course RTO # 91229 ACN: 092 478 718

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